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NOOM 2024 Round 5 - AHGC
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Membership & Handicap Information

Based on the information provided in the Membership & Handicap Information section, your Registration Fee is: EUR €

Once your application has been processed by CGF, the Credit Card number submitted will be charged EUR € Entry Registration Fee in accordance to your choices in the Membership & Handicap Information section, and subject to CGF Membership status verification (CGF Club membership / CGF Number).

The Entry Registration Fees as stated in the Conditions of Entry for the event and published on the CGF's website ( are as follows:

  • EUR € - International Entrants
  • EUR € 40.00 - CGF Members (Non AHGC clubs)
  • EUR € 40.00 - AHGC Members


  1. By Submitting this Entry Application Form you aknowledge that you have read and understand the CGF's General Terms of Competitions as published on the CGF's web site (
  2. Submission of this Entry Application Form implies that you have read and accept these Notes (1 to 6), and DOES NOT constitute automatic entry to the event.
  3. NO credit card processing is carried out at this stage. Credit cards are processed by CGF only after a successful application.
  4. Successful applicants will be informed by the CGF once their entry has been processed and Entry Fees collected from the credit card number submitted. 
  5. Entry Registration Fees are not refundable, unless the entry registration is cancelled prior to the closing date of the event.
  6. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify any of the Conditions of Entry as published under the event’s pages on the CGF’s website. Health protocols and travel restrictions may apply.

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