Promoting Amateur Golf in Cyprus

Nicosia Golf Club

History of Nicosia Golf Club

The Nicosia Golf Club was formed by a small number of enthusiastic Nicosia golfers in 1998-99. NGC held its first formal meeting on April 3rd 1999 at Aretousa restaurant, Nicosia. In 2000 NGC was one of the founding members of the Cyprus Golf Federation (CGF) under whose umbrella it now operates.

The twenty-five founding members present at that meeting elected the first committee, consisting of 7 members. The committee subsequently elected Dr. Dimitris Papapetrou as its President, Nicos Severis (Vice President), Andreas Charitou (Secretary) and Nicos Rossides (Captain).

NGC holds regular Committee Meetings and an Annual General Meeting. All registered NGC members, who have paid their subscription, are eligible for election to the Committee for a term of 3 years.

In its founding year NGC organized 5 competitions. In 2001 members of the NGC played a Pro-Am competition in Rhodes and participated with a team of 3 in the Lebanese Open. Since then the club has organized and sponsored the Special Olympics Cyprus Open event which is now a well established "major" competition in the Cyprus golfing calendar and usually takes place in early April.

NGC currently numbers 50 members and is continually seeking new members. Both Cypriot and foreign nationals can apply for membership.

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