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June 15, 2020 Print
Summary of the last 3 months

Summary of the last 3 months

Monday, 15 June 2020

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and with numbers in infections rising, in March 2020 the government of Cyprus took very strict but necessary steps to restrict as much as possible the spread of the pandemic in Cyprus.  

Even before the government announced the first restrictions of movement and the ensuing lock-down, the Cyprus Golf Federation, with players, course staff, and federation officials’ health and safety in mind, acted very quickly and took the responsible but painful decision to postpone and later cancel the Cyprus Amateur Men’s Open, which has been the flagship event of the federation for the last two decades. The inaugural CGF Championships scheduled for the end of May, were the next victims of the rising threat, while soon after, with reports of the numbers of infections rising, the whole of the CGF’s program of events for 2020 followed, par the CGF Cup 2020 scheduled for the beginning of December. All participation of Cyprus in international events through its adult and junior national teams were also suspended, while strict social distancing and a number of other preventative and tough measures taken by the federation based on R&A, International Golf Federation, European Golf Association, and other bodies’ published guidelines. The initial and long awaited lifting of restrictions on golf were anything but. The Cyprus Sports Organisation and the Ministry of Health not heading federation recommendations of a minimum 3-ball flights at 10 minute intervals, decided on very restrictive 2-ball flights and extremely long tee-time intervals of 15 minutes, while cross-district travelling was not yet allowed. 

Throughout the lock-down period, the CGF Board and its various sub-committees have not stopped working and have been in near-constant touch with each other through telephone calls and long teleconferencing sessions, formulating, discussing, and amending scenarios (and at times discarding them altogether depending on current developments) on how to kick-start golf in Cyprus once government decided on the eventual lifting of restrictions in movement and the re-opening of the courses.

With the relaxation of the restriction in phases and timelines as announced by government in mid-May, the federation started putting into practice some of the decisions that were formulated and prepared while in lock-down.

At the end of May, the migration to the World Handicap System has been completed and Cyprus is now officially a WHS country. At the same time a number of updates were carried out on the federation’s website with the major one being the MyCGF portal, which now allows federated members of the CGF to view their Results, Handicap history, manage their own profiles, etc., and for those players who wish to use it, the ability to enter their own Extra Day Scores, something that was allowed as of Tuesday, 9 June 2020, from the onset of the Cyprus government’s Phase 3 of the relaxation of restriction.

Today, 15 June 2020, marks an important date for all CGF federated players with the return to competitive golf on all courses, 3 months after the first restrictions and the eventual lock-down. We are still some way away from returning to the normality we enjoyed pre-pandemic, but the CGF Competitions Committee, is in regular contact with the courses and actively seeking to organise competitions once again as soon as circumstances allow. A number of ideas are currently under investigation and discussions with the courses are ongoing, while announcements will be made as soon as decisions have been taken and plans are underway.

Keep Golfing and always KEEP SAFE!!

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