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February 06, 2021 Print
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The Council of Ministers decided on 3 February and a decree published by the Minister of Health in the Official Government Gazette (ΚΔΠ 61/2021) dated 5 February 2021, for the resumption of sports for open air facilities as of Monday, 8 February. 

The decree and the clarifications issued by the Cyprus Sports Organization (KOA) last night, stipulate that all golf facilities may, as of Monday, 8 February, resume activities with the physical presence of (five) people, including a coach in the same sports facility. No use of locker rooms and / or gyms and any other closed sports and similar infrastructure (where applicable) is allowed, and all Safety and Health measures are observed, according to the guidelines and protocols of the Ministry of Health and the Cyprus Sports Organization.

The Cyprus Golf Federation, always keeping in line with all the Provisions of the Legislation, requests all its member clubs, athletes, and coaches, that they faithfully follow the instructions of the Minister of Health for the safe and smooth operation of golf facilities. It is clarified that as of Monday, 8 February, those who enter the golf facilities and are over 18 years of age must be in possession of a valid (within the last 7 days) negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test and that they carry their test with them at all times while on the course. Possession of a valid negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test for juniors who are over 12 years of age is recommended. 

Furthermore, golf facilities must keep a record of all players entering the facility and all players must complete a Track and Trace form. All Ministry of Health recommendations regarding COVID-19 safety and health measures, including social distancing and the use of face masks in public and indoor spaces must be strictly observed, while all course furniture, including rakes, must be removed, and the flag to remain in place at all times and not touched.

Players and golf facilities’ staff that wish to undergo the free COVID-19 rapid antigen test before Monday, 8 February, can do so through their local facilities as per the link:

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