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CGF Championships 2020
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This tournament is open for CGF federated members only.

Membership & Handicap Information

Based on the information provided in the Membership & Handicap Information section, your Registration Fee is: EUR €

Once your application has been processed by CGF, the Credit Card number submitted will be charged EUR € Entry Registration Fee in accordance to your choices in the Membership & Handicap Information section, and subject to CGF Membership status verification (CGF Club membership / CGF Number).

The Entry Registration Fees as stated in the Conditions of Entry for the event and published on the CGF's website ( are as follows:

  • EUR € - International Entrants
  • EUR € 95.00 - CGF Members (Non EGC clubs)
  • EUR € 40.00 - EGC Members



  • Submission of this Entry Application Form DOES NOT constitute automatic entry to the event, and NO credit card processing is carried out at this stage.
  • Credit cards are processed by CGF only after a successful application.
  • Successful applicants will be informed by the CGF once their entry has been processed and Entry Fees collected from the credit card number submitted.  
  • Entry Registration Fees are not refundable, unless the entry registration is cancelled prior to the closing date of the event. 

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