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MyCGF – Your guide to personal DataGolf Portal.

The MyCGF portal enables Federated Members of the CGF to view their Results, Handicap history and enables self-submission of handicap qualifying scorecards.

This MyCGF release utilises DataGolf records based upon the European Golf Association (EGA) handicap system. An updated version with additional features will be released closer to adoption of the World Handicap System (WHS) Rules of Handicapping (RoG) on 1 Feb 2020. In the interim we urge all players to register and get familiar with the portal.

In order to access and use MyCGF portal, it is imperative that you ensure the DataGolf administrator at your club has registered a valid and correct email address in your personal profile, in his database. Shared email addresses are allowed; however, you will need access to the email in order to complete the initial Registration and Activation. 

To start using the portal you must complete the following actions:

  1. Register
  1. Access the portal by this link
  2. Enter your CGF federation licence number.
  3. On the next screen Register using your active email address.
  4. You will then receive a confirmation email to validate. 
  5. Create your own password, confirm the password, accept the terms and conditions and submit.


  1. Activation

Now you are registered and have activated your account. The next time you access the portal with your federation license number and your password, you will land on the Player Area. Here you will see tabs for the following areas Home, Profile, Results, Scorecards, Payment and Exit. 

We now explain each of those tabs.


  1. Home

It is recommended that you read and understand the Terms and Conditions.


  1. Profile
  1. Select the Profile tab and review your personal profile details. 
  2. If you wish to edit any entries select the “Edit Profile” button.
  3. You can only edit the following fields: Address, City, Zip Code, District, Country, Email and Phone.
  4. If your Birth Date is incorrect, select the “Request correction” button, complete corrected details and then select “Ask for correction”.
  5. If you wish to add an image of yourself select the image upload button and follow the onscreen instructions.
  6. A number of buttons have been pre-checked, we recommend you do not uncheck any boxes as you may not receive future information releases.
  7. Once you have completed any edits select the Save button and you will be returned to the Player Area Profile page.
  8. You will be able to see your updated profile information.
  9. The club DataGolf installation will auto update any edits you might make.


  1. Results

The Results page contains your Player Record where you can check your results, handicap history and your handicap charts. 

  1. R Results. All competition and EDS results entered into DataGolf. 

                          i.        Select any Tournament to review the scorecard.

                        ii.        Select Scorecard, Info, Statistics or All scores to further review entries.

                       iii.        Select X Scorecard to return to the full results record.


  1. H Handicaps. The Handicaps page contains details of your handicap qualifying history.

                          i.        Select any Tournament to review the scorecard.

                        ii.        Select Scorecard, Info, Statistics or All scores to further review entries.

                       iii.        Select X Scorecard to return to the full handicap records.


  1. W WHS Index. The WHS page contains your HI record calculated under WHS.


  1. C Charts. The Charts tab includes Player Graphs so you can review all your handicap movements.

                          i.       Select the Type button and change HCP to SGD to review your score differential.

                        ii.       Select or hover over any of the content to see a drop-down menu review of that entry.

                       iii.       Double click to review the Scorecard behind the results menu.

                       iv.       To exit this page, select the X in your browser window.



  1. Scorecards

This function enables you to register and submit entry of casual round scores. It currently only permits scorecard entry for CGF courses, it will eventually be updated to permit submission of scores from rounds played overseas.

  1. Register new scorecard.
  1. Complete the required fields, Score date, time round started, Description for example Casual round, select the Course and tees played, select the Holes played, select the Type format of play and finally select HCP round if this is to be a Handicap qualifying round No or Yes.
  2. Save and the next page is where you enter and self-submit your scores.
  3. To enter a score, select the – or + buttons to decrease or increase the strokes for that hole, or select NO score as appropriate
  4. Select “Save”.
  5. Select “Save/Recalc” to save the round or clear the scores and start again.
  6. Use the button “Marker” to enter the federation number of your scorer. *See #7 below
  7. Use the button “Image” to upload a copy of your scorecard *See #8 below
  8. Select Exit.
  9. You will now see the Scorecard Registration page and entries you have submitted.
  10. Under Status you will see scores waiting to be sent or already sent. 
  11. Select the Send arrow to submit the score, and on the next page again select Send, you should then see Sent with success. 
  12. Now select Exit.
  13. Select the trash bin icon under Options to delete the score.


  1. Marker

You are required to enter details of your Marker who must be a player that holds a CGF Federation Licence. Your club admin has the authority to review and challenge any casual round scores to ensure they are not being used to manipulate handicaps.

  1. Marker.           
  2. Enter the markers Federation number and select validate.
  3. The page will then populate with your markers’ details. 
  4. Select Exit.


  1. Image

You can scan in an image of your scorecard to supplement the score entry.

  1. Image
  2. Save the image to your device then select Choose File.
  3. Select Load Scorecard Image and once processed select Exit.


  1. Definitions. 

This tab shows the course Definitions information of the round played.


  1. Payments.

Shows the Federation Fee payments made against your profile.





Once we are operating under WHS then future enhancements to MyCGF’s “WHS Index” link under the “Results” page will include but not be limited to:

  1. Your Low Handicap Index (LHI).
  2. Your current Handicap Index (HI)


Another upcoming and desirable feature will be an option to enter a club tournament directly using MyCGF.